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Ready, Set, Now What? Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Worrying about what others think is a major cause for stress today. So many people are living in stress and frustration because the opinions of others, or everyone for that matter, weigh so heavily on their mind. What can we do about this problem? 

Well for starters, we have to own our portion of the responsibility by accepting that we play a role in this frustrating pattern. We are choosing to take in, accept, and believe other people's thoughts or we decide to let our  minds wander in fabricating some untrue story of intentions and events. 

In this episode, I discuss how all we can ever do is speak from our own point of perspective. I also talk about the three businesses that exist,  how you not minding your own business will cause you to suffer. I share some personal stories about learning how to identify if an opinion is aligned with the person's "job"  for your life.


1) Make a list of all the important areas of your life. Example: self care, work, relationships, family matters, health, parenting etc

2) Next to the category, write the name of the person whose opinion DOES matter to you.

3) Be intentional about letting them know that you look up to them for feedback and criticism.

4) Dismiss the opinions of the rest of the world Forever!