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Ready, Set, Now What? Podcast

May 29, 2019

In this episode I cover three very possible reasons why someone would not open up to you about their personal problems.

1) You tend to twist things and make it about you.

2) You react quickly and explosively making you unreliable.

3) You do not create a safe ambiance where they can be vulnerable        with you.

I also share a very simple and practical way to get closer to the root of the issue. It would entail setting your ego aside, removing yourself completely out of the equation and not trying to figure out what the problem is yourself. To ask the other person "What is the problem?", allows you to come from a humble position and creates an opportunity for them to really be honest and pinpoint the issue. More often then not, the real problems have very little to do with the behaviors or issues at hand.

I truly hope you find this episode helpful in dealing with your personal relationships.