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Ready, Set, Now What? Podcast

Mar 13, 2019

Many of us are walking around with heavy painful stories that have yet to be shared or confessed for fear of shame, judgement, and rejection. In this episode we dive into some practical ways to work through problem solving and simple steps to hold space to honor someone's bravery in sharing their vulnerability. I hope you take something from this episode as I have when I learned about space holding.

Problems are created in our heads and not all problems are able to be seen at first glance. They run deeper and differently for each party involved.

When creating space for someone:

1) Do not make it about you. Just Listen.

2) If it does involve you, thank them for sharing and plan a different day to continue the discussion to give yourself time to process the sensitive information. Do not React from your initial emotions.

3) State to them beforehand : They are special and worthy regardless of whether or not anyone loves them. You appreciate honesty and authenticity. No matter the good the bad and the ugly, You would love to connect to their REAL selves. You believe their actions do not define their person and only tell a portion of their story. You are ready and open to listen free of judgement, criticism and ridicule. No matter what the story, they belong right here with you. They are safe.